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RELIEF FROM REMOVAL: What is it? And How can it help?

The United States government has set aside special categories of people that may be provided relief from deportation.  This relief may come in several forms, i.e. a green card, termination of proceedings, grants of asylum, withholding of removal, and voluntary departure.  All of these forms of relief vary on their eligibility and an […]

Deportation and Removal Defense

How do I know I am in Removal Proceedings and what are my options?

The first step to any removal case is to first examine the Notice to Appear (NTA).  The NTA will have your name, alien number, and a list of allegations stating why the United States Government believes that you are inadmissible or deportable […]

Seeking Entry into the United States Following Removal

Seeking Entry into the United States Following Removal

If you or a loved one has been removed or deported from the United States for any reason at all, you likely have some feeling of uncertainty as to whether or not you will be allowed to lawfully reenter the United States in the future.  When seeking to […]

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